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As time passed…


I’ve grown more comfortable with my human friends. The other one has a weird name too, but I’ll just call her Anne. Anne and Vee seem to be very agreeable about most things. They are super nice to me.

Most days I will wait outside their door in the morning to see if I can scrounge up some grub. Every morning, like clockwork, Vee comes out the door with this furry canine creature she calls Scooby. Scooby doesn’t pay much attention to me…but I’m not stupid. I know those canine creatures can turn on us ducks in a split second! So I don’t get too close. In case you’re wondering how I knew what ‘canine’ means….I Googled it! 😉

…anyway….Most mornings Vee will share some bread with me or some oats. She’s pretty nice about it. If I’m by myself she feeds me right on her lawn. If I happen to be followed by other ducks she makes us go across the street…I don’t think she likes them much.