Hello world!

Hello! I’m a duck. Not just any duck, mind you. I’m a Pekin Duck. I don’t really know what that means, being as… I’m a duck, but this woman I met assures me that it’s good.

That reminds me…I live in a campground in New Jersey (wherever that is) and several months ago I was injured by some of my fellow ducks – quite certain it was the Mallards (they seem to be the ones who are most aggressive). I was bleeding and limping along when I stumbled upon this nice human person. I can only describe the look on her face as one of kindness and concern.

You know how you can tell a lot about a person very quickly…like a feeling you get that they might be good or bad? Well, I got the feeling from this person that she was nice. She didn’t run after me or try to grab me. She just sat down and spoke in a soothing voice to reassure me that she wouldn’t hurt me. I didn’t believe her!

I’ve been around long enough to know that those humans are a weird bunch. They say one thing and do something completely different. So, I just kept my distance and found shelter under her camper.

Later on, she brought me some bread and left it on the ground. I gobbled it up right away. Then she was gone…


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